Medical Mystery Shopping: Everyone Loves a Good Story

Over the long holiday weekend, I went to the movie theater to watch “The Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw.  It’s the story of NFL player Michael Oher and how he rose to athletic greatness; very inspiring, motivating, a reminder to love others and be thankful kind of movie.  In my mind and those that were leaving the theater that night, a must see for everyone.  I loved the story so much that I found myself sharing it with everyone I talked with over the weekend, family, friends and I even posted a comment about it on Twitter. It made me think of the old saying, Everyone Loves a Good Story.

This same old adage also holds truth for your patients, they love a good story! And, when you give them a good story to tell (either good or bad!) they are going to share it with their closest 400 or so friends, just like I did on Twitter this weekend. The fact is, your patients want to be WOWed, they want to be impressed and surprised by the level of service your practice provides them and they want to feel valued as your patient.  When you give them what they want, it’s a great story to tell.  In giving your patients a good story to tell, you have to think beyond satisfied and beyond policies and procedures, you have to think about the person. What can you do to make their day a little brighter? How can you take the level of customer service you provide and turn it up a notch to a concierge level of service? What experiences can you provide your patients that will differentiate yourself from other medical offices and your competition?

Many of these questions can be answered when you bring a medical mystery shopper into your practice.  These “secret patients” go through the appointment process, just like a real patient, only they are providing their expertise to evaluate the practice on over 150 key touch patient touch points.  It’s this evaluation that provides medical professionals the information on how their patients perceive their level of customer service and the experience provided.  It’s also this evaluation that demonstrates what patients truly want out of their experience and how practices can change perceptions and enhance their level of patient experiences. 

Are your patients telling a good story to their friends and family about you and your medical practice? If not, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to generate new patients through referrals.  It may be time to think about a medical mystery shopping project to help take your practice to the next level.  Remember, everyone loves a good story, including your patients! Are they telling your story? 

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