In The Spirit of Giving Thanks…

This time of year is a great time to focus on what we are so thankful for; family, friends, health…. employees??  It seems each day a new article is written, or study published that proves the intrinsic relationship between customer service levels and employee engagement/satisfaction.  In short, the happier your employees are… the better the customer service and patient experiences they provide.

So, this holiday season, what can you as a manager do to tell your staff, “thank you”?  Here are four simple ideas that will show your employees you are thankful for the service they provide and eager to create a positive work environment for them to work within.

  1. Write a Note:  It’s always amazing how a simple act can have such a monumental effect.  With a world of digital, “here and now” communication, the thought behind a hand written note has increased in value.  Simply taking the time to sit and write a thank you to employees can create surprisingly effective responses.
  2. Throw a Party:  Who doesn’t love a good party?!  Think about closing the office an hour early one day this holiday season to have a good time!  Let employees be involved in the planning and simply allow one hour of the work day to be devoted to thanking each other and enjoying the company of co-workers.
  3. Day Off: The holidays can take a toll on the average person; between family members in town, extravagant meals to provide and overnight guests this time of year can become overwhelming.  Be flexible with your schedules this month and offer staff members an extra day off to enjoy.
  4. Provide Training and Development:  What better way to show your employees they are valued than offering them a chance to improve upon their skills on your watch.  Offering a training event for staff members to attend allows them a chance to get out of the office for a few hours and in turn benefits the employer with higher level employees.

While these are all simple ideas to improve employee morale, we challenge you to look at your organization and see where you can implement additional touches to show your staff how thankful you are for their hard work!

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