Gold Medal Customer Service

With the 2012 London Olympics in full swing, our focus has once again been placed on the athletes of the world.  While the majority of us watch from afar; millions of visitors are expected to arrive in England to support their contenders.

London has now become the world’s stage, preparing for these events over the last four years.  With expected total revenue just over one billion dollars, efforts to provide superior accommodations, attractions and exceptional customer service have been imperative.

Educating even the smallest staff on customer service standards can often seem like a daunting task.  The 2012 Olympic committees were placed with the responsibility of training over 70,000 volunteers from around the world on how to provide a memorable customer experience and assure supreme satisfaction to all.  Such basic skills as, communication, problem-solving and constant awareness of visitor’s needs become the core of the Olympic staff’s purpose.  The inability to provide a satisfactory solution or contribute a warming smile could damper the image of the London Olympics for years to come.

While customer service at your organization may not be such a pressing issue, we must all learn to think of a visitor’s experience as an all-important, crucial aspect of their visit.  Hospitality and the service industry are based around what others think about your organization and what they take away from their time in your presence.  Much like the athlete’s of the Olympic games, we must all strive not only for satisfaction, but the ultimate reward: gold medal customer service!

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