Ensure your Patients Don’t Have a GOOD Experience

Yes, you’ve read this correctly—ensure that your patients don’t have a good experience with your practice.  With patients that are now consumers who have many choices when selecting a healthcare provider, “patient satisfaction” is no longer enough to see your practice continue to grow with patient referrals.  Patients are now seeking not only expert healthcare, but also to have a positive, excellent experience while receiving that care.  Practices and providers that recognize this shift will set themselves apart from their competitors and create loyal patients that will be talking.

Word-of-mouth marketing, along with repeat patients are the most effective and least expensive forms of marketing available.  If your patients have a satisfactory experience with your practice but walk out your doors and forget about you, you are losing many opportunities to increase your word-of-mouth marketing and your number of patient referrals.  Practices that send their patients out the doors impressed, surprised and feeling valued will see a huge growth in new patient referrals because their patients are remembering them and best of all, talking about them! When patients are “WOWED” by your practice, they will naturally share that experience with their circle of influence; which, thanks to the internet now can include several hundred people instead of four or five people.

Create “WOW” patient experiences for you patients and develop your own army of fans and marketers that will help you advertise your practice and the services you offer—leading to increase patient referrals and growth.  Remember, patient satisfaction is no longer enough; you must take your patient experiences to the next level.

Sep 2009
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