Clutter Be Gone! A Guest Post From (e)Merge Intern, Cherith Campbell

Being part of the Facebook generation, I was twelve years old when it really took off in 2004, using social media to stay connected and up to date is all I know. I remember when Facebook was for college students…only. It was such a big deal if you got to experience this revolutionary network. Thinking about how far technology, specifically social media, has come in eight years is mind-blowing. But seeing how it is STILL growing and changing is truly remarkable.

Now, in 2013, Facebook is changing their site in order to meet the desires of their users by releasing a new version over the coming weeks; having attached the phrase, “Goodbye Clutter. Hello bright, beautiful stories.”  According to Facebook’s newsroom, users have called Facebook ‘cluttered.’ Well, it seems the Facebook team has decided to take action and do some major spring cleaning.

This latest version of Facebook is designed to reduce clutter and focus more on stories from the people you care about. Whether that be friends, family, artists, businesses, etc. They have created the idea of individual news feeds so the user has control over the news they want to see.

Facebook’s new news feeds:

All friends: a feed that presents you with everything your friends are sharing.

Photos: a feed featuring only photos from your friends and Pages that you like.

Music: a feed with posts specifically about the music that you listen to.

Following: a feed with the latest from the Pages you like and the people you follow.

Our world is very control and choice driven, particularly when it comes to technology and social media. If an ad, post or picture is not eye catching or presented in a way we relate or are drawn to then we just keep scrolling, click on something else, or even exit the site all together. When thinking about the people you’re trying to reach, make sure you are meeting the criteria of being worth their time. Facebook has heard what their audience wants, have realized the desires of their users and are changing in order to keep those people interested and happy.

What are you doing to improve your clients’ news feeds?

Customer service feed: level of service that enhances the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Friendly, caring, effective and efficient secretaries and employees who deal directly with the customers.

Patient experience feed: the sum of interactions shaped by the organization’s culture influencing the patient’s perception of services.

  • Work on cutting down the patient’s wait time. This is just one of many ways to make the patient experience better. Customers will feel they are a priority and are not forgotten.

Marketing/social media feed: being connected and involved in social media networks.

  • Get Facebook. Get Twitter. Get LinkedIn. Get Instagram. Get Pinterest. These are all  hot social media networks that you want to be a part of. Social media is how our world stays connected, communicates, works, and learns.


 **Cherith Campbell is a Sophomore at MidAmerica Nazarene University where she is pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Marketing.  Upon graduation, Cherith aspires to open her own business.

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