6 Ways to Boost Office Morale and Boost your Bottom Line

There are lots of reasons you need to keep your practice’s employees enthusiasm up: pessimistic attitudes spread quickly, patients can sense a negative office environment, turnover (Which is VERY expensive ) will increase, productivity and performance will suffer, and the end result of these combined is a lackluster profit report.

So here are some ways you can keep your office staff looking forward to their work weeks and keep your practice running smoothly:

1) Celebrate. Everyone loves an excuse to grab lunch or eat cake. Sometimes just posting a “congratulations” or “happy birthday” sign can make people feel special. But this can also mean just taking the time to pull aside an employee to thank them for a recent success they’ve contributed.

2) Let positivity free flow. Piggybacking off of the last point, really make it a point to say the positive things that come to your mind. Judy is wearing a great sweater. The new receptionist is really catching on quickly. The office seems to be getting used to the new EMR system! If it’s positive and you think it, let it be heard.

3) Keep yourself in check. Partners and managers set the tone for the office. If you’re the one poisoning the employee morale pool, it’s time to do some work on yourself. Why are you in a bad mood? Is it just today or every day? How can you tweak your communication to leave your employees feeling good after your interactions?

4) Hire people who create a upbeat culture. There are some people who just exude the right attitude, who make people smile and are inherently motivating. Having a few of these people around will help you maintain a positive and motivating atmosphere.

5) Remember that different employees may be motivated by different factors. List out a few things you feel could motivate each member of your team.

6) Don’t be stingy with vacation. Vacation isn’t just good for the employee… it’s good for the practice!  I’m not saying each employee needs a month and a half in Figi, but 2-3 weeks can give them plenty of bright spots to look forward to throughout the year (and no matter how great your job is, it’s always nice to have some free time to look forward to!). Employees will also come back recharged and better able to focus on their duties.

So how are you doing? Measure on Monster.com where Linnda Durre has listed the signs of a positive workplace. If you’re interested in how much employee turnover has cost your company, Center for Community and Economic Development has a free calculator you can use!

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