Advances in Healthcare

As healthcare continues to grow, so do the amazing advancements taking place within the field.  Comparing healthcare in the 1960s to now can be astonishing.  Take a few of these comparisons for example:

1961: Multipart hospital charge tickets with punch-card borders are introduced to reduce the paperwork burden for nurses.

2013: Patients can easily get electronic copies or printouts of their health information via EHRs.


1962: Hospitals building semi-private rooms (2,3,4 patient rooms) are considered a perk.

2013: Various locations offer “private suites” including luxurious dining areas and entertainment systems.


1964: Meeting attendees at the annual AHA meeting complain about the difficulty of a demonstration projecting the use of computers in healthcare.

2013: Physicians use mobile phones, tablets and laptops in almost every aspect of their jobs to deliver healthcare at a rapid pace with supreme accuracy.


1965: Social Security Act is passed that creates Medicare and Medicaid programs.

2013: Nearly 104 million use Medicare/Medicaid programs.


Looking at the progress healthcare has made in the last 50 + years it is hard to envision the way the field will operate in another 50.  What are some of the changes you hope to see in the future?  Tweet us at @emergemd with your thoughts!


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