A New Year for Healthcare…The Bright Spots

It’s hard for healthcare professionals to stay positive about the industry while constantly bombarded with bad news, politicization and painful technological shifts. But there are reasons to look forward to the future of healthcare and gear up for 2011…many reasons, actually. Here are just a few:

  • Experts are predicting that many falling market shares will rebound. SmallCap Network, Bloomberg and other market watchers are expecting certain hospitals and healthcare-related companies to bounce back this New Year. If analysts are correct, it will strengthen those organizations and beef up shareholders’ pocketbooks… a trend we haven’t seen in a few years.


  • Technological advancements are revolutionizing the provider/patient relationship. Healthcare web expert Ed Bennett says 890 U.S. health systems are now using social media- totaling 2,337 different sites! This huge shift means that it’s not only becoming more manageable to engage patients online, but more expected and mainstream. It’s also more fun… many of our clients host contests online, share videos and start discussions that may be valuable to their patient base. As long as you remain smart and HIPAA compliant, a foray into the healthcare/social media sphere could be an exciting, valuable way to promote business and engage your patients this year.


  • That pesky EMR transition is starting to pay off. By the end of 2009, only 12 % of health systems and offices had made the “big transition”, meaning the 82% who didn’t get it done in 2010 will be doing so this next year in order to receive the bulk of incentives for the government mandate. The good news is that those who have already made the switch are reporting a smoother, easier record process and an increase in patient satisfaction. Patients are loving less paper work and more access to their information via online patient portals. Healthcare professionals say it’s time-saving and is also helping keep patient medication lists up to date, reducing the instance of harmful drug interactions.

What are you looking forward to this coming New Year?

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