Social Media Naysayers: Three Ways to Combat Resistance

It seems each time we introduce a new practice to the world of social media; there are an equal amount of smiles and nods as there are scowls and frowns.  Social media continues to get a bad rep, especially in the healthcare field, where many believe it does not belong.  Like the outcast pushed aside during recess, handfuls of healthcare organizations shun the adoption of social media channels.  However, there are those that accept the challenge, see the beauty and embrace the additional interaction.  We encourage those of you trailblazers out there, to share this with these lingering naysayers and lead the way to social media success.

How can Social help my organization?

Be Found!

First off, your customers are out there.  They are searching for you and finding empty, blank spaces and dreaded, “the page you are looking for does not exist” error messages.  Customers are writing reviews online based upon their experiences within your practice walls and spreading thoughts about your organization in their blog posts.  Trust us, these things are happening… whether you want to admit it or not.  Involving your practice in the process and maintain a watch on these items is crucial to redirecting negative attention and restoring happy patients.

Show Who You Are!

What is the personality of your practice?  Do you have philanthropists, athletes or thrill seekers on staff?  Ok, now how do you let your patients know this?  Do you knock on their doors during exams and tell them about how unique your practice is? …of course not!…  Social media can be a great way to personalize your practice.  Through social channels you can share interesting facts about physicians and staff and let your customers and potential patients see what makes your organization unique!

Answer Questions!

Within the field of healthcare, there are numerous questions that we hear frequently.  Your office likely has a set of standard answers and responses to help staff members answer these requests fluently.  Patients often call in and tie up scheduler’s phone lines for simple questions.  Facebook can act as a resource in answering these questions, either through scheduled posts or responding to comments made by patients.  Providing patients with another outlet for communication lets them know you are there for their needs!

While this is just a small sampling of the positive impact social media can have on your organization, we encourage all healthcare organizations to look into the benefits of providing additional outlets for engaging with patients, providing information and educating your customers.  Social media will continue to grow and expand the ways in which our customers find us online.  Be sure to get involved and provide a great experience for your patients!

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