Are We Hiring People With The Right Natural Qualities For Our Patient Interaction Roles?

The greatest influence of customer satisfaction is the patient’s perception of the personalities they encounter during their visit. While recently reading an article about the six most admirable traits in humans, I thought about how we work with our clients’ staff on customer service training and bringing out these important qualities to improve patient experiences. While the article was referring to all people in general, this article could easily be targeted specifically at the healthcare community. The six most admirable traits were thought to be: selflessness, tolerance, genuineness, sensitivity, integrity and humility.

These six traits represent the tools those in the healthcare field must have readily available and be using during interaction with patients. The simple truth is people admire these traits because those possessing these personality traits are generally pleasant to be around. Essentially, those involved with patient interaction should strive to create a pleasant aura about themselves at all times. While these may seem like simple traits to master, consider throughout your day all of those you come in contact with. How many of these contacts possess and demonstrate all six of the qualities 100% of the time during your interactions? Do you yourself exude them on a daily basis? More importantly, last time you visited the physician, did those you encountered possess these traits?

Many times, we forget how simple a great patient/staff interaction can be. Selflessness; “what can ‘I’ do to assist you?” tolerance; thinking this isn’t how I want this patient’s appointment to happen, but I will accept it and put a smile on my face, genuineness; saying hello, how is your day going today and actually listening to the answer you receive in response, sensitivity; respecting how others feel, whether you agree with them or not, integrity; not cutting any corners at the workplace and doing your job to the best of your ability at all times, humility; fully grasping that your position exists because others chose to look to you for assistance.

Within a practice, there must be goals in place for success to happen naturally. For those in the healthcare industry, interacting with patients daily; these personality traits can be taught, but ultimately, staff members’ natural tendencies should lead them down these six trait paths. Perhaps implementing these qualities into the practice’s patient experience goals will raise others perceptions of the work you do.

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