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With healthcare providers sole focus being on their patients and ensuring their health and satisfaction, sometimes the doctors, nurses, and employees providing that care health problems can go unnoticed. Kansas City’s very own Children’s Mercy is working to eliminate that and is offering a new on-site health center for employees. According to Nasdaq OMX, Children’s

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With social media, modern technology and the ability to connect with others in real-time taking over the lives of millions, everyone has been forced to adapt to keep up with the times and constant changes. Millions of mobile apps are available to smartphone users, and while downloading your favorite games can be a good way

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Type into Google any symptom you can dream up and results are sure to be produced for websites offering opinions, diagnosis and treatments.  Online access to health “information” has rapidly grown and consumers are able to research their probable diagnosis at the click of a button.  However, keep in mind the next time you are

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