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Most healthcare workers look at the fluctuating state of healthcare and groan… I recently found myself feeling not only optimistic, but excited for the opportunities an industry in transformation brings. Fluctuation and change give us the chance to evaluate and question everything. Why do we choose this method of billing, this approach to patient engagement,

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We recently came across a new patient support community through a tweet from Sharp Healthcare. is a website that allows patients to establish a web page about their health journey to share with friends and family. After a little research, we found that though the site is far from new, it’s recently made gains,

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Feb 2011

We often emphasize the importance of being an online resource for your patients- giving them easy access to health information, videos and other data that they crave, whether it’s contracted from an outside source or even better, packaged by your practice. A new study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project gives us yet another

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Many healthcare leaders don’t take the time to research how their practice or network is perceived by their patients or community. They have a certain, often idyllic view of their business and they rather not hear differently. Yet it’s hugely important to not only be curious about your brand status, but to research it, as

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