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Over the long holiday weekend, I went to the movie theater to watch “The Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw.  It’s the story of NFL player Michael Oher and how he rose to athletic greatness; very inspiring, motivating, a reminder to love others and be thankful kind of movie.  In my mind and

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While listening to a webinar this morning, the presenter discussed several reasons why patient satisfaction initiatives fail in the hospital and practice settings.  One of the key mistakes many healthcare organizations make is that they fail to consistently monitor their patient satisfaction across the months and the year.  Many times, a hospital, health system or

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You heard it right, it doesn’t matter how you…the physician, the manager or healthcare professional…perceive your practice. What matters is how your patients perceive your practice.  Many physicians, managers and healthcare professionals believe they run a great practice or have satisfied patients, when in reality, they may be falling short of providing outstanding patient experiences in

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